Ruby red in color with garnet reflections, the nose shows an amplitude of illustrious elegance. Praiseworthy spices blend into jam, sweet and candied fruits. Orange peels dipped in dark chocolate are a more than surprising treat. Blackberries, mulberries, and raspberries are a juicy, summery touch.
Intense ruby red wine, fruity with pleasant notes of spices and black pepper.
Red wine with an intense color with aromas of red fruit and spices with balsamic notes. Aging in oak barrels for at least 18 months before bottling.
Lagrein, typical South Tyrolean character, dense and concentrated and pleasantly almost rustic; with maturity it reveals a certain elegance. Medium-intense cherry color, intense with ruby red reflections. Spicy aroma with olfactory notes of leather, tar and cocoa, but also floral nuances. Full flavored, quite sweet with an "earthy" aftertaste and clear...
San Leonardo Tenuta San Leonardo is the magical result of a tradition known as the "Bordeaux cut". Powerful and elegant with notes of berries and vanilla fragrances.
A great red wine dedicated to all those who want to indulge in a bottle of excellent thickness; it offers complex and seductive sensations, articulated aromas and robust and energetic tannins.
Castello di Barbialla 2013 Toscana IGT, a full-bodied wine with notes of dark fruit, hints of cocoa and tobacco from aging in French oak, and a luscious finish.
Tignanello 2006, red wine characterized by fragrant notes of ripe red fruit, Rich, full and round, with a good persistence and a dense aftertaste of chocolate and citrus notes.
A wine with a ruby red color and violet reflections. It has a good structure, it is enveloping, soft and balanced with hints of red fruit.
Schioppettino Le Celline, a red wine that on the nose offers hints of spices and fruity notes with hints of black cherry.
Montefalco Rosso Goretti, a red wine with an intense bouquet, with a marked presence of ripe black berry fruit such as blackberries and currants together with spicy and floral notes.
24.57 28.90
Montefalco Sagrantino Goretti, red wine with a complex, spicy and balanced aroma, with fruity hints of blackberry, raspberry and plum.
Poggio Al Casone, characterized by notes of strawberry and white pepper, with balsamic notes of eucalyptus and mint. The aging in barrique favors the integration of the aromas giving a finish of wood and leather.
Primitivo Roccamura Agricole Selvi, red wine with a spicy aroma, toasted with notes of raspberry. The taste is soft and intense, with hints of vanilla and spices. It goes perfectly with spiced grilled meats, roasts and ravioli with tomato sauce.
Barolo DOCG La Collina di Dioniso, an austere red wine thanks to the presence of sweet and complex tannins. Delicate, intense and persistent.
Valpolicella DOC Marchesini Monte Cillario, with a fresh and soft taste at the same time, pleasantly tannic and lively. Excellent match for appetizers, first courses and fresh cheeses.
Sikelios Rosso Sicilia Scilio
Sikelios is a sweet wine obtained from grapes dried in the sun according to the rite of an ancient Sicilian tradition. Intense smell and spicy flavor with notes of licorice and thyme honey. A velvety and harmonious wine, whose aromas intertwine leaving a pleasant sensation of sweetness on the palate.
11.61 12.90
Valle Galfina Etna Rosso is a wine with a bright color, the smell is fine and intense and the flavor is soft, balanced and persistent. Pleasantly tannic.
Vicarius, Rosso Trentino DOP, obtained from the blending of Cabernet and Merlot, with a broad, pleasant bouquet and delicate spicy and ethereal sensations; dry, structured flavor with woody sensations conferred by the aging in barrique.
Merlot Trentino DOC 2019, red wine with a deep ruby color, an intense, delicately herbaceous aroma and a dry, full and well-structured flavor. The flavor is harmonious and dry.
Lagrein Trentino DOC 2019 Mori Colli Zugna, with an intense ruby red and garnet color, the scent is fragrant with hints of fruit, vanilla and violet. The taste is dry, full-bodied and austere.
Enisio Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC Riserva, with an intense and fruity aroma with hints of coffee, licorice, green pepper and nutmeg. The flavor is soft, tannic and with a long aromatic persistence.
Tempo Morellino di Scansano DOCG 2019, intriguing red wine, with notes of Mediterranean scrub, such as laurel and rosemary, followed by a clear fruity cherry. Elegant in the balance of the components, with perceptible and well distributed tannins.
Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, red wine with a large aromatic baggage, which opens with aromas of ripe fruit such as plum, which then give way to hints of small fruits such as currant and blueberry.
Rosso di Montalcino DOC, organic red wine that offers a classic style aromatic bouquet, with cherry and plum as protagonists, which then make room for more evolved scents.
Corbaia IGT 2018 Bio Castello di Bossi. Red wine with a complex olfactory baggage that ranges from aromas of licorice with small balsamic hints, with a spicy intensity and with hints of plum and cherry.
Meridiano 12 Syrah Tenuta Gorghi Tondi. This pure wine is born in the vineyards crossed by the 12th meridian. An ideal place for the cultivation of vines and the production of quality wines for thousands of years. The grapes here acquire richness and intensity of scents and a pleasant sapidity. Meridiano 12 Syrah is fruity and spicy in the glass, with the...
The Varietals - Negroamaro Salento IGP 2020, with a decisive and rustic character that makes it a red wine with a romantic and persuasive sip and which offers the nose a large bouquet of fragrant perceptions of ripe red fruit, currant jam and raspberries.
I Varietali - Primitivo IGP Puglia Paololeo, a red wine that goes perfectly with the dishes of the historic Apulian cuisine. With a round and enveloping taste, the nose offers hints of cherries and small red fruits.
The local soul of Recantina blends with the cosmopolitan soul of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. A wine that warms the heart and the palate, and brings to mind the autumn colors that transform Montello into a breathtaking picture.
Augusto - Recantina DOC Giusti, exclusive heritage of the hills of Asolo and Montello, Recantina is a vine rediscovered in the recent past. In the glass it reserves a surprising explosion of aromas, from violet and cyclamen flowers to those of cassia and plum.
A soft meeting of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, after a year in barrique, for a wine with character that goes hand in hand with the great meat dishes of the Italian tradition.
Red wine with an intense ruby color, characterized by notes of small intact black fruits, sweet spices and tobacco. On the palate it has a good structure, harmony and pleasantness to drink. In the aftertaste, fresh and fruity notes predominate, giving the wine succulence and sweetness.
Langhe Nebbiolo Roccanera, a red that aims for balance and finesse on the palate to never tire. From the characteristic scent of raspberry, violet and currant but also of peach and apricot with vanilla notes of wood.
14.39 15.99
Red wine Ronchedone Cà dei Frati, will amaze you with its elegance and structure. Pleasantly round and powerful.
Wine characterized by a great structure combined with a typical and elegant freshness. We perceive the wood, derived from the refinement, but this does not cover the classic varietal fruity hints.
Ruby red with elegant garnet reflections. On the nose it tells fascinating perceptions of blackberries and sour cherries in alcohol. Followed by complex hints of cocoa, vanilla, almonds and carob. On the palate it shows an impetuous elegance.
Refined and elegant. An explosion of perfumes and aromas that alternate like the vibrant and enveloping notes of a piano. Multi-faceted and energetic, warm and powerful. A timeless emotion for a wine of great structure and not at all obvious.
Dark garnet red in color, the nose offers a bouquet in which intense fruity notes predominate enriched by a floral scent of lilac and cooked laurel. There is also a delicate chocolate tone.
Red wine with a characteristic scent of violets and red fruit and an intense, balanced, dry and pleasant flavor.
Red wine with an intense ruby color with violet reflections, it has intense, fruity aromas with varietal notes of cherry and black cherry, spicy and toasted hints. The taste is elegant and soft, it has surprising length with pleasant notes of ripe red fruits, a remarkable structure suitable for a long conservation.
Ruby red in color with garnet reflections, the nose shows an amplitude of illustrious elegance. Praiseworthy spices blend into jam, sweet and candied fruits. Orange peels dipped in dark chocolate are a more than surprising treat. Blackberries, mulberries, and raspberries are a juicy, summery touch.
Passo Cardinale Primitivo...
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Red wine with elegant garnet reflections, to the nose it gives an intense bouquet of black berried fruits, mainly black currants which fade into notes of licorice and coffee. The taste is decisive, with velvety and enveloping tannins. The freshness is structural and offers a persistent finish of wild berry jam and spices.
Ruby red wine, tending towards garnet with aging with an intense, winy, fruity bouquet with notes of cherries, blackberries and violets. Its flavor has great complexity, dry, warm with soft tannins and a lingering finish.
Juicy and drinkable with silky tannins, it is a structured wine. The nose offers a combination of black fruit and delicate notes of chocolate, plum and black currant. A dense, elegant wine with a balsamic note given by the presence of Sangiovese.
Ruby red wine, tending to garnet with aging; it gives off an intense and pleasantly fruity bouquet with hints of red fruit and black pepper. The flavor is full, soft, harmonious, with very pleasant and soft tannins on the palate.
Red wine with an intense color with purplish hints, the nose offers a bouquet of excellent intensity from which sensations of pepper, spices and a persuasive red fruit emerge.
Sparkling red wine with a fresh, vinous and fruity aroma. The perfume releases a characteristic aroma of berries. The taste is rich, persistent and full-bodied.
Ruby red wine, it goes well with cured meats, aged cheeses and meats. The color is bright ruby red, the aroma is fresh, vinous, fruity, with a characteristic scent of wild berries. The flavor is rich, full-bodied and persistent.
Ruby red wine, the nose offers scents of blueberries, plums, cherries, black cherries and extremely ripe red fruits, licorice and rhubarb. On the palate it is delicate with an excellent relationship between softness and acidity.

Antani La Tognazza

Ruby red in color, on the palate it shows good tannins and freshness for balanced acidity. It is round, warm, broad, medium-bodied and never too heavy.
Intense ruby red wine, fruity with pleasant notes of spices and black pepper.
Dry red wine, garnet red color with orange reflections due to aging. The perfume is ethereal and intense of ripe fruit and roses, with light notes of vanilla.
Ruby red color in youth then tends to garnet in case of greater aging. Evolved, silky tannins with a hint of red fruits. Structured and elegant body.
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