Red wine with an intense color with aromas of red fruit and spices with balsamic notes. Aging in oak barrels for at least 18 months before bottling.
Franciacorta DOCG Berlucchi...
The breezy and elegant time of those fabulous Sixties, when the first Franciacorta was born in the Berlucchi cellars, is evoked in this refined version. Dedicated to those who ask for something more, but without renouncing the typical lightness of the most convivial moments.
Franciacorta Bellavista Grande Cuvèe Alma Brut: broad and enveloping, with aromas ranging from ripe fruit to fresh flowers, up to notes of vanilla and pastry. In the mouth it is sapid and complete, fresh and vibrant, decidedly coherent on an aromatic level.
Franciacorta Annamaria...
Franciacorta Annamaria Clementi Vintage 2013, a great wine with a magnificent golden color and a very fine perlage, with fruity and pastry aromas, and a pleasant freshness. A perfume of extraordinary complexity, a flavor of exceptional fullness and persistence.
A wine with a ruby red color and violet reflections. It has a good structure, it is enveloping, soft and balanced with hints of red fruit.
The Franciacorta Rosé by Romantica is produced with 90% Pinot Nero and 10% Chardonnay grapes. A sparkling wine that is authoritative and vigorous.
The Franciacorta Satèn by Romantica remains etched in the memory thanks to its elegance and its extraordinary finesse. On the palate it offers countless emotions reminiscent of the delicate sensations of silk.
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Red wine Ronchedone Cà dei Frati, will amaze you with its elegance and structure. Pleasantly round and powerful.
A deep and bright pink bubble with a fine and persistent perlage. The nose reveals delicate notes of berries followed by a large bouquet and fragrant hints of croissants. In the mouth it is very fresh, well balanced and with excellent persistence.
On the nose, fruity notes that lead to shades of white flowers, with a final reference to the fragrant croissant. Decisive and fresh in the mouth, for a complete sensation full of the right details.
Rosé wine tending to peach, the scent is intense, fine, citrusy and sometimes salty. Inviting, with light notes reminiscent of black pepper and sensations of strawberry grapes. M inerality, flavor and freshness are the notes that distinguish the taste. Long and persistent, it still maintains lightness and silkiness.
White wine with a fine and elegant bouquet, with notes of white flowers, peach and tropical notes. A delicate sensation of pastry is perceived on the finish. The flavor is decisive, savory and mineral. The taste is slightly tropical and exotic.
Sapid, harmonious and full-bodied red wine with a typical intense ruby red colour. Excellent with boiled meats, roasts, game and dishes of the Lombard regional cuisine.
It comes from the refined balance between the great sweetness, due to the unfermented sugars, and the strong tannic character guaranteed by the croatina. With a characteristic scent of red fruit with balsamic and spicy flavors, it is pleasant and balanced on the palate.
Produced with Pinot Noir grapes harvested entirely by hand in the Oltrepò Pavese hills, this Pinot Noire is born which goes perfectly with first courses based on meat, roasts and game.
Red wine with an intense color with aromas of red fruit and spices with balsamic notes. Aging in oak barrels for at least 18 months before bottling.
Classic rosé method with a pleasant and structured taste, with good salinity and persistence; soft and with a fresh and acidulous vein.
Classic Method with an intense aroma, with pleasant fruity and floral aromas and with light spicy hints of sage and a full and elegant taste.
Delicate and elegant, obtained from a diligent, scrupulous and careful selection of Pinot Noir grapes (100%) from the best vineyards, excellence of Franciacorta.
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