Buttafuoco Il Cacciatore...
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Red wine with an intense color with aromas of red fruit and spices with balsamic notes. Aging in oak barrels for at least 18 months before bottling.
Produced with Pinot Noir grapes harvested entirely by hand in the Oltrepò Pavese hills, this Pinot Noire is born which goes perfectly with first courses based on meat, roasts and game.
It comes from the refined balance between the great sweetness, due to the unfermented sugars, and the strong tannic character guaranteed by the croatina. With a characteristic scent of red fruit with balsamic and spicy flavors, it is pleasant and balanced on the palate.
Savory, harmonious and full red wine with a typical intense ruby red color. Excellent with boiled meats, roasts, game and regional Lombard cuisine.
Ronchedone Cà dei Frati
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Ronchedone Cà dei Frati Red Wine, will amaze you for its elegance and structure. Pleasantly round and powerful.
A wine with a ruby red color and violet reflections. It has a good structure, it is enveloping, soft and balanced with hints of red fruit.
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