Stationmaster Trebbiano d'Abruzzo DOP Bio, fruity white wine, with clear notes of yellow fruit and an elegant floral scent on the finish. With a fresh, quite savory and medium-bodied flavour, it is pleasantly almondy on the finish.
A harmonious, fine white wine with good persistence and intensity. An excellent accompaniment to grilled fish dishes.
Grechetto Colli Perugini DOC, white wine with a deep and elegant bouquet with hints of fruit including pineapple, banana, yellow peach, Williams pear and broom and almond flowers. The taste is a pleasant combination of freshness and sapidity. Persistent, balanced, rich and velvety with marked finesse and personality.
13.60 16.00
Serico, Bianco Trentino DOP, is a wine with a simple but not trivial drink, with an intense flavor suitable for the connoisseur of wines but easily appreciated for its characteristics of pleasantness even by those approaching this kind of wine for the first time. For its refinement and for its structure it is a wine that adapts very well to long...
11.61 12.90
Valle Galfina Etna Bianco is a straw-yellow colored wine with greenish reflections, a delicate and fruity aroma and a fresh, harmonious and long-lasting flavour.
Luci Luci Etna Bianco Doc, native Sicilian wine characterized by an unmistakable savory soul and particular notes of white flowers and fresh fruit such as green apple, nectarine and tropical fruit.
Vento Vermentino, organic white wine that reveals vegetal sensations of sage and laurel on the nose and light notes of myrtle and fruity sensations of white plum and golden apple. Pleasant to the taste with a good initial envelopment, followed by a lively acid backbone and a finish of good continuity.
Calaluna Fiano Puglia PGI, a fresh and savory white with fruity aromas including melon, banana and citrus and with good acidity and length, perfectly suited to shellfish and seafood.
I Varietali - Chardonnay PGI Salento, a fresh and delicate white wine, with very pleasant notes reminiscent of yellow pulp fruit such as peaches and pineapples.
The varietals - Malvasia Bianca IGP Salento, white wine with a straw yellow color with brilliant reflections, fresh and aromatic with delicate tropical perceptions reminiscent of mango and papaya.
Falanghina Vigne Storte Falà, with a bright straw yellow color, the nose offers a bouquet with floral hints of ripe fruit and yellow peaches. The taste is delicate, fresh, light-bodied and harmonious.
Franz Haas Gewurztraminer 2019, white wine with an intense golden yellow color with a deep bouquet of complex aromas such as lychees, cloves, orange peel, rose and nutmeg.
Dry and spicy white wine on the palate, it is a pleasant surprise. Extremely aromatic with notes of ripe tropical fruits, moderately robust and harmonious. Fresh, very intense and lasting aftertaste.
Moscato d'Asti DOCG 2020...
It is a white wine with a straw yellow color with golden reflections, it has the characteristic aroma of Moscato: acacia honey, peaches in syrup, grapefruit and lemon, elderberry and wisteria flowers, sage.
Intense aroma, with floral notes of peach and exotic fruit that wrap well with balsamic and vanilla nuances. Sparkling straw yellow color . Long and elegant flavor, pleasantly creamy, with a perfect balance between acidity and minerality and a long note of honey in the finish.
Straw yellow in color with elegant golden reflections. On the nose it offers precious perceptions of ripe fruit such as peaches and pineapples. Aging in wood enhances precious sweet spices that recall hints of vanilla, sage, white chocolate and almonds.
It is a wine that presents itself with a strong personality. With a pale straw color, it expresses itself with the typical nuances of the grape: tomato leaf, green pepper, sage, elderflower. The sip is full, decisive and round, to recall what is perceived on the nose.
White wine with a fine and elegant bouquet, with notes of white flowers, peach and tropical notes. A delicate sensation of pastry is perceived on the finish. The flavor is decisive, savory and mineral. The taste is slightly tropical and exotic.
White wine with an elegant flavor with a characteristic bitter aftertaste that makes it highly drinkable.
White wine dedicated to the beautiful goddess of war of Roman mythology, it has a crystalline color, straw yellow, bright. The bouquet is fruity with notes of yellow peach, pineapple and banana and notes of aromatic herbs. The flavor is intense, deep and very persistent.
White wine with a straw yellow color with greenish reflections; the scent is delicate with mineral notes and rocky hints, which then give way to hints of peach, candied fruit and chamomile. The taste is elegant, with good freshness and tropical and spicy aromas.

Tapioco La Tognazza

11.12 13.90
Elegant, fruity-floral white wine with notes of pear and acacia flowers and mineral. The flavor is dry, fresh, intense and persistent, full-bodied and with a pleasantly creamy aftertaste.
Organic wine with a straw yellow color, it has a delicate and floral bouquet on the nose, in particular with notes of white flowers, smoky and hazelnut. On the palate it is citrusy, sapid, long, mineral and fresh.
A harmonious, fine white wine with good persistence and intensity. An excellent accompaniment to grilled fish dishes.
Grechetto Fiordaliso 2017...
Straw yellow in color with golden reflections, the perfume releases a bouquet of white flowers, with pleasant notes of pink grapefruit and green apple. The taste is dry, with a very pleasant freshness and supported by a good minerality and gustatory persistence.
With a very delicate straw yellow color with greenish reflections; the scent releases fragrant memories of fresh fruit, acacia flowers and honey. The flavor is dry, harmonious, with good body and great sapidity.
Organic wine with a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections, it has a delicate and floral bouquet with hints of lilac, honeysuckle and acacia. The taste is fruity, citrus and pleasantly acidic. It goes well with second courses based on fried or raw fish, risottos and soups.
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